The Cheapest Disinfection Services in Ipoh!

Delta Variant rampant in Malaysia!


The uncontrollable Covid-19 has mutated from Alpha to Delta variant which was first founded in India. The Delta variant has arrived in Malaysia since early July as what we heard from the news and since then, it has caused the rise of covid-19 cases in Malaysia.

It seems like each state in this country is now affected by the Delta variant and its spreading fast like a wildfire. The numbers are increasing on a daily basis and it doesn’t seem like going down in the nearest time. In this tough situation, all we need is just a little hope that could light up our path. 

Businesses are closing, people are dying, and some even need to continue this life using their own savings and KWSP! Imagine being so desperate that you are forced to use whatever you have in your bank account just to survive the pandemic. Imagine being so afraid that you spent a lot of your money buying stuff online rather than going out. We truly understand your worry and situation.

People usually think that disinfection service would cost them thousands of Ringgit Malaysia. Swoosh Malaysia is trying to help all Malaysian by giving this unbelievable pricing for Disinfection Service. It is out of mind kind of price but all we need is a little hand to lend. With just a few cents (literally RM0.0X/sqft), you may get your house disinfected by us Swoosh Malaysia. No hidden charges!


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