7.7 PWP!

Swoosh Malaysia is back with another promotion!


As the world is facing the toughest time, many have lost their jobs, and we couldn't tell what the future holds for us.

At times like this, people around us need more help from us. If you are the lucky ones, let's join Swoosh Malaysia to help those in need. We realized that Malaysians knew that these products are essential, but sadly, they would save up their money as they need to survive in this tough time.

This 7.7 promotion is about giving back to the community. We have lowered the price and made it in a combo because we believe these 2 essentials are all you need to ensure your home is a haven for you and your family to stay in.

Nothing is more important than your safety during this pandemic. Let's continue to stay home and combat this Covid-19 virus together. Go out only for essential stuff, and make sure to shoot yourself clean with our Swoosh Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner using the Portable Nano Atomizer every time you come home.

So, save the date and make sure to grab this incredible combo on this 7.7! 

**Psst! Show some love to your loved ones by getting them the combo too.

Valid only on 2nd until 7th July 2021!

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