For the past couple of years, companies in Malaysia have paid heed towards the situation in our country with the pandemic going around and agreed on making work-from-home as a new normal to the employee.

WFH or working from home isn't easy but we barely have any other options now. There's always worry, anxiety, problems and tensions. When there’s problems, there will always be a way out from it! One of them is; shopping. By saying shopping, it doesn’t always mean you shop for your new clothes, new makeup, or brand new gadgets. 

The best therapy after working so hard (from home) is buying stuff that could benefit your loved ones. What kind of gift or stuff that could make your family and loved ones feel safe and happy at the same time?

Here are the top 3 items that you could get for your important person;

1. Portable Nano Atomizer Disinfection Spray Gun Set with Swoosh 5L Disinfectant Water
2. Swoosh -99 Disinfectant Cleaner
3. Swoosh Instant Hand Sanitizer 

Just like other brands, Swoosh Malaysia is on Shopee too. On this upcoming 9.9, we are going to have a Super Sale campaign which will include a few of our products with a discount up to 30% on our Shopee shop!

It's a great opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss! Head over to our Shopee store and enjoy your day there!


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