About Us


During the covid-19 outbreak we noticed that majority of the lower-middle class had lost their job due to the economic are badly impacted by the unfortunate pandemic. 

Swoosh Malaysia saw the outcome of the crisis and noticed that many individual and household are suffering to make a living for themselves and their families while still need to pay at a costly price just to keep hygiene all the time.

We then question ourselves is there any solution we can provide full protection from the pandemic yet kept it at an affordable price. And now we are proudly announced that we have done it !

Our product, Swoosh Multi-Purpose Disinfection Water are engineered to kill 99.99% of virus and bacteria at a much lower price. Imagine that you can get the same product but at a much affordable price.

Our goal is to provide a better healthcare protection to everyone regardless of who they are, no one should be left behind especially during this pandemic.


  • To grant the fundamentals for best quality of healthcare protection through our high standard of hygiene products. To achieve this in a challenging and eco-friendly manner.


  • Committed to improving well-being through prominent hygiene and health solution. Continuously to strive for greater value from our products. achieve exceptional results and make a pragmatic contribution to society through hygiene and environmental standards.