1) Is SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution approved by the Ministry of Health?  



2) Will SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution be affected by the presence of organic matters?

It will not be affected by the organic matters, our solution is on stable stage.


3) Will SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution cause corrosion to metals?

Yes it may cause corrosion to metal, suggest to wipe off the excesses.


4) Do I have to remove soilage before using SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution?

For the best result of Swoosh Solution, removing dust or soilage from cleaning surface is preferred.


5) Do I have to rinse after using SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection solution?

No. Only wipe off the excesses.


6) How long can the unused solution be kept?

6 months in vandilated storage place. Take note: DO NOT STORE UNDER DIRECT SUNLIGHT!


7) Will prolonged usage of SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution cause microbial resistance?

No. Swoosh disinfectant will eliminate bacteria in relatively short period of time.


8) Is SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is made by green ingredient with industrial refined salt, electrolyzed with H2O and generate Electrolyzed Sodium Hypoclorite.


9) Can SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution be used together with cleaning detergent?

You may use Swoosh disinfection solution with other cleaning detergent in different order. You are advised not to mix them together or it may not reach its maximum cleaning and disinfecting result.


10) How  frequent do I have to applySWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution to keep the area disinfected?

It depends on the environment of usage.  As Swoosh disinfection solution acts as an instant sanitising product therefore it does not have any crstalize effect to prolong the effectiveness. You are advised to keep your surrounding clean all the time. 


11) Is there any difference between SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution and commercial liquid hypochlorite?

Yes. The commercial liquid hypochlorite is 500ppm and above. Whereby our ingredients are refined salt with electrolyzed charged process, friendly to the environment and skin.


12) What should I do if I accidentally swallowed SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution?

Consult doctor immediately.


13) Can SWOOSH  Multipurpose Disinfection Solution be used in HACCP approved food manufacturing plants?

Depends on the HACCCP grade of the food processing plant .


14) Can Swoosh Disinfectant to eliminate bugs like cockroach ?

No, it will not eliminate bugs. This solution is only meant for eliminating microbial.


15) What’s the difference between clorox and Swoosh Multi-Purpose Disinfection Solution ?

As for clorox is chemical base disinfectant hence what we get on market is concentrated clorox which need to mix with 1:10 ratio for safety use level but even if we mix on this ratio of clorox, it still not able to use direct to skin disinfection hence compare to Swoosh Multi-purpose disinfection solution where the main ingredient is only refine salt to generate as Electrolyzed Sodium Hypochlorite.