Nano Fog Machine 1500W 消毒喷雾雾化机
Nano Fog Machine 1500W 消毒喷雾雾化机
Nano Fog Machine 1500W 消毒喷雾雾化机

Nano Fog Machine 1500W 消毒喷雾雾化机

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Nano Fog Machine 1500W 消毒喷雾雾化机

  • can kill germ in car and office 360degree
  • This machine is easy to install and convenient to carry out, home kitchen office using, even car, on vacation, travel.
  • Made from quality material, which is not only worn resistant but also stable.
  • Built to greatly strict quality control standards, resulting in its stable and excellent performance.
  • Add disinfection water, after the standby device is heated, you can start to atomize the disinfection solution, 360 ° no dead angle sterilization, dual-use car.
  • 1500W

✅  ✅  ✅ 30 sec for 1500 sqft ✅  ✅  ✅




✔️ Effectively remove indoor odor and residual second-hand smoke

✔️ 30 seconds spray to cover 1500 s.f.

✔️ Twister Fog Design

✔️ High power 900W !!! Better fog effect and longer life spray compare to a normal market fog machine

✔️ Smaller molecular and saturated powerful fog to ensure thorough cleaning of all spaces

✔️ Can work continuously longer than "normal" machine

✔️ Less than 5 minutes warm-up

Voltage: 220V

Size: 31x32x18.5cm

Weight: 2.51kg


  1. After plugging in the power, turn the machine switch button to the "I" position
  2. Wait 3-5 minutes for the indicator light to turn on
  3. Put the disinfectant solution into the reservoir
  4. Put the suction tube into the disinfectant bottle
  5. Adjust the rear timing button to about 5 minutes to start atomization

Cleaning method:

  1. Plugin the power supply and put the suction pipe into tap water
  2. Turn the machine switch button to the "II" position
  3. Timing twist adjustment time is 1-2 minutes
  4. It will not be atomized during cleaning, and the cleaning liquid will be sprayed from the nozzle

** Remark: This disinfection fogging machine cannot be used as an alcohol-based/water-based disinfectant. (Please read the manual before use) No bottle n remote