SWOOSH 20L Multi-Purpose Disinfection Solution

SWOOSH 20L Multi-Purpose Disinfection Solution

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Made With Natural Ingredients 

Swoosh Multi-Purpose Disinfection Water can fully sterilize bacteria in a shorter time at lower concentrations than chemical disinfectants. By eliminates germs on all surfaces and food materials ( Fruits, Vegetables, Raw Meats ). It also can prevent various diseases and effectively eliminate foul odor on the materials.

1.Made with natural ingredients
2.Strong sterilizing & deodorizing power
3.Convenient & cost-effective
4.Eco friendly & zero pollution
5.Safe for human & environment
6.Ph 7 neutral level
7.100% Alcohol Free
8.Without chemicals/ toxic substance/ harmful materials
Without affecting the PH level, the electric current passes through the tap water mixed with a small amount of salt (or HCI) in an undivided electrolytic bath (Non-diaphragm). Then it generates Sodium hypochlorite (or Hypochlorous acid) water which is powerful & safe disinfectant water. 

Applicable on all types of surface, let dry or wipe dry if excesses. SWOOSH is produced with natural ingredients. Safe to use frequently

SWOOSH multi-purpose disinfectant water effectively sterilize surface faster at a lower concentration than traditional chemical disinfectants. Provide efficacious odorless and environmentally friendly results.

Recommended Storage:
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Keep in a cool and dry place

For external usage only. Not for internal consumption purposes. Children are advised to use under adult guidance